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Transform your look and boost your confidence

We understand that hair loss and thinning can be devastating; however, we can help both men and women to regain their confidence with our non surgical hair system. Sleep, swim, shower and play sport in our hair replacement system and no-one but you will know.

 Ultra realistic hairlines  Highest quality human hair  Completely undetectable

Ask your Alchemy stylist or our receptionist to book a complimentary consultation with one of our hair replacement system specialists in our private treatment room at the salon.

“I get up and wash my hair and I go out. Simple. I look great. Job well done.” – Fred

“One of the first things I did with my hair? I took my children down a waterslide. I can’t describe how that felt.” – Sara

How our hair replacement system works...

Stage One: Preparation

As part of our preparation process we gently cleanse your scalp to improve its health and to enable the hair system to be applied perfectly. This ensures that the hair system achieves the perfect look and feel and also improves its longevity.

Stage Two: Application

We apply the hair system semi-permanently to your scalp using a water based and toxin free bond which holds the hair system in place comfortably and strongly. This is a painless and gentle process: our bond has an EC certificate which confirms it is not harmful to human health – your wellbeing is our priority.

Stage Three: The Look

You can have virtually any hairstyle as your hair system looks, behaves and feels exactly as if it was your own hair. You can sleep in it, shower in it, play sports in it and live normally: you are now a person with a full head of hair.

Hair Replacement System Service Menu

Our hair replacement system provides a hair thinning or loss solution for both men and women. To book a consultation with one of our system specialists in our discreet private treatment room please…

For appointments call 0141 255 0550

Hair Replacement System

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